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Distance Reiki Therapy

Why have Distance Reiki therapy?

You may not be able to come for an in-person Reiki session for many reasons, your

 health, Covid lockdown, or you can't travel. 

What ever the reason that you can't attend, you can still benefit from online Reiki therapy.

How does online Reiki therapy work?

In-person Reiki is very similar to Reiki given online. The benefits are the same, however as we are not in the same room, the way I work with you is slightly different. Before we begin a session, You will receive guidance on how best to prepare for it and how to be positioned to receive the energy healing.

How can online Reiki therapy ​help me?

The effectiveness of a Reiki therapy session online is the same as Reiki given in-person. At the start of your online Reiki session we will talk about what is troubling you and how you would like help. I will then explain the process and begin the therapy.

Preparing yourself for your online Reiki therapy session

It is always best to be in a quiet, undisturbed place for your session so that you can relax and be open to receive your Reiki healing, but it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s just helpful. The most important thing is to open and ready to receive the healing energy

What does an online Reiki session feel like? What can I expect?

Everyone’s experience varies depending upon how sensitive they are to energy, what exactly is being healed, and what will be best for them that day. You may feel warmth, waves of energy, pulsations, a deep feeling of relaxation, peace, lightness, and clarity. Some people don’t feel any particular sensations, which is fine and does not mean that the Reiki is not being effective.

What happens at the end of the online Reiki therapy session?

Before we end the online energy healing session, I like to find out how you are feeling and discuss how the Reiki therapy has worked for you. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any further questions and for us to decide if you would like to continue receiving further Reiki healing.

Are you ready to benefit from a Reiki therapy online session?

Please text, phone, email or use the contact form to arrange your first online Reiki energy healing session.


Tel: 07764766159

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