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Really enjoyed my Happy Feet and Indian Head massage. Very pleased with the sessions and price, especially being at the end of my pregnancy. Highly recommended!

Agnieszka, Long Buckby

Thank you for the fantastic work you have been doing with our beloved rescue dog Jimmy. After over 3 years in kennels and suffering severe anxiety he’s making great progress. Your help is invaluable when we just didn’t know how to reach out and heal him from his past. After the first visit the changes were noticeable within days, much more relaxed, trusting visitors, he’s now enthusiastic to meet and greet new people. Keep up the good work.

Sylv, Braunston

I started seeing Wendie a few weeks ago for reiki and have found it has been really helping with my overall wellbeing. Wendie creates such a lovely, peaceful space and is very understanding and encouraging. Would definitely recommend xx

Jaclyn, Daventry

After having had a few Reiki sessions, already I and those around me have noticed a massive difference such as a lot more peaceful and relaxed. And I look forward to continuing my journey with Wendies help.

Emma, Daventry

I went for a Reiki treatment a couple weeks ago. What an amazing experience. I do homework everyday and it is helping me. I have quite a way to go on my journey, but I am so happy I found a beautiful lady in Wendie to travel with. She makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Thank you Wendie and see you soon.

Kerry, Coventry

I have had a couple of Reiki sessions with Wendie and have felt the benefit almost immediately. Wendie creates a safe, welcoming and calm environment and is herself extremely welcoming and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Wendie and I will be continuing my journey with her.

Helen, Daventry

Wendie has a wonderful intuitive way of working and is definitely a very calming influence. I always look forward to my regular Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments and find them so relaxing -

Amber, Daventry

I highly recommend Wendie's full body massage.

My neck and shoulders had become very tense and painful as a result of a hectic and stressful few weeks. Nothing I did seemed to ease it.

I'm so glad Wendie does not just work on the areas that are causing pain. During the massage she found knotty muscles in other areas including my legs and it is a wonderful thing to have head, feet and hands included too.

By the end of the massage I felt relaxed and a lot looser. Despite a few challenging knots the whole experience was very relaxing.

Judith, Daventry

Wendie is an amazing powerful therapist who’s primary goal is to help You.

Wendie worked with me, to release negative feelings and a sense of failure. Working online is not a hindrance to Wendie’s abilities. Please please don’t suffer the negative feelings work with Wendie to clear these feelings and achieve your goals.

Sandie, Carisle

Excellent massage from Wendie again. She takes great care to make sure that she provides just what I require. Felt so relaxed and chilled afterwards Thank you again Wendie.

Sarah, Rugby

I have really enjoyed having Reiki from Wendie, who has such a wonderful energy about her that I felt comfortable immediately. I have felt real benefit from these sessions, feeling happier, less tired and better able to cope with day to day life. I am still using the visualisation exercises daily and would not hesitate to recommend.

Dani, Daventry

I have been having reiki treatment for a couple of weeks now and would recommend it for anybody it helps in so many ways and Wendie is understanding and listens ,I have homework to do and found it very helpful.  Thanks Wendie xxx

Joan, Daventry

Excellent service. I felt so relaxed and at peace after my reiki session. I thoroughly recommend Wendie to anyone who needs to feel less stressed.

Diane, Rugby

A massive thank you to Wendie for my Reiki journey. You are such a gorgeous soul full of kindness and compassion. I am very lucky to know you.

Andy, Rugby

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